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The UDS II Demo is a fully functioning demonstration of the UDS II program. (Only the actual hardware communication is disabled.) See a real-time music playlist schedule run as you control what plays and when.
Note: When running the UDS II Demo under Windows, the Print Screen "Segue" button is "Shift-Print Screen".

UDS Demo UDS II Demo for MS-DOS  551kb

Windows 95/98 Multimedia Slideshow  265kb

On Air Scheduler Demo

The On Air Scheduler demo is a fully functioning version of this simple music scheduler. OAS interfaces smoothly with the UDS II for playlist generation and music database management.

OAS Demo
Download OASDEMO.EXE 966kb
(call On Air Digital for a 30-day trial license)


RadioSuite Explorer

RadioSuiteExplorer_Install.exe 789kb
Windows installation program for RadioSuite Explorer.

UDS II Diagnostic Tool

Self-extracting archive containing FetchIt.exe, the UDS II diagnostic file gathering and archive utiltity, and related support programs. This fast program can be executed during a song using QUIT MODE to gather all files for a specific day.