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18 March 2002 Press Release


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March 18th, 2002.

Smarts Broadcast Systems and their On Air Digital USA division are pleased to announce the addition of Brenda Burt as a regional sales manager for all Smarts and On Air Digital USA products.

Brenda has worked since the early '80s in radio. First in the traffic department of a radio station then at various sales positions within the radio rndustry. She has sold just about everything that a station can use, including music scheduling, jingles, syndication, and broadcast hardware.

John Schaab of On Air Digital USA commented, "Brenda has established a reputation for quality service in the sales process. Like the rest of us within Smarts/On Air Digital, she realizes that customer satisfaction is the link to continued business. I have worked with Brenda before and I am delighted to have her skill sets on our side of the table."

Brenda will be working out of Dallas and can be reached via phone toll-free at 866-777-7190. Her fax number is 214-722-2494. She can be reached via e-mail at

Based in Dallas, Texas, On Air Digital USA is a division of Smarts Broadcasts Systems, a worldwide provider of quality broadcast automation hardware and software, music scheduling software, and traffic & billing software. Smarts Broadcast Systems world headquarters are located in Emmetsburg, Iowa. John Schaab is the general manager of On Air Digital USA and can be reached for comment at (800) 747-6278.

You may download this press release in Microsoft Word format by clicking here: news020308.doc (27k)