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UDS II Features

Simply stated, the UDS II is designed to run your radio station's control room. UDS II was designed to operate with "live" announcers, but at the push of a single button UDS II will run unattended and sound like someone is standing right at the control board. Your listeners will never know the difference. UDS II can control its own levels, slightly dipping the music under each segue, with perfect timing every time. With password protection, you decide what features your personnel may access. If you're tired of spending nights and weekends at the station because something did not run properly, perhaps it's time you bought the most reliable on-air sound management tool on the market today. It's more than just a name, it's "The Ultimate Digital Studio."

  • RS-HD - RadioSuite Hard Drive system - Linux-based digital audio server for UDS II. Store all events on hard drive or combine with CD changers.

  • Exclusive Digital Audio Controller - Set fade-in/fade-out rates and playback levels for each song in your library.

  • Music Preview Capabilities - Preview the beginning or end of upcoming songs.

  • External Device Control - Control events outside the UDS II with utility relays.

  • Satellite Interfacing - Automatically play satellite programs with liners and "magic calls"

  • Digital Hot Keys - Instantly access digital audio cues with a single keypress.

  • Auto-Route Music Control - Optionally divide audio output channels to the console for "hands on" segues

  • Advance Schedule Editing - Edit the current schedule and up to 6 days worth of upcoming schedules.

  • On-Screen Mixer Control - Manually adjust audio levels on the fly.

  • AutoSegue mode - Total "live sound" walk-away operation at the press of a button.

  • Calendar - View days and dates from now to 2099.

  • Calculator - Both decimal arithmetic and time calculation (in minutes and seconds) make backtiming easy.

  • File Viewer - Read text files and system logs without taking the system off the air.

  • Liner, PSA, and Weather Windows - Handy on-screen pop-up message windows. Liners and PSAs automatically rotate through available inventory.

  • Automatic Backfill To Network - UDS II calculates and fills its own backtiming. No more pre-empting events to join the network on time.

  • Advanced Programmable Time Updating - Keep your station on-schedule and on-time with flexible time update commands.

  • Logging for 31 days - UDS II logs events, songs, commercials, diagnostic information, dropped events, and more then stores these logs for an enire month.

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UDS II supports many different features. Configurations vary, along with the price.